Stewart Park was donated to the town of Perth in 1947 by Mrs. Stewart, in memory of her husband. Located behind the Town Hall, Stewart Park is the most distinctive landmark in Perth and home to the annual Stewart Park Festival. One of the coditions of the gift was that an admission could never be charged for entrance to the park, or for any event held in the park; or it would revert back to the Stewart family.

What are visitors saying?

"Magical and Enchanting: This park will take your breath away with its charming bridges, swimming holes, stream and rock formations. A great place to stroll, take pictures, enjoy the evening or early morning."

"One of the most beautiful city parks I have ever been to. So well kept with plenty of space. Never very crowded except during festivals."

"Play, Picnic, Relax in this beautiful park. Stewart Park is very pretty little park in the center of Perth. Boasting mature trees and a meandering river flowing through. There is plenty of space to play games, benches and picnic tables so you can thoroughly enjoy a day in this wonderful town."

"A charming beautiful park! Be sure to visit this park during your visit to Perth. Pack or bring a lunch and enjoy eating it by the Tay River. A beautiful walking trail with bridges are throughout the park. Include that camera in your bag too, because I'm sure you will find some scenic shots."

"Gorgeous Park: Don't miss a walk in this gorgeous Park in the heart of Perth. The Tay courses over exposed rock shelves that have held the channel forever. Start off with a Coutts coffee and spend some time on the bridges listening to the water."

"Always beautiful - no matter what the season."

"Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Great place for a stroll when you are in Perth and you can also picnic there."

"Beautiful Park Downtown Perth. A beautiful open park for all to enjoy. The river runs through Stewart park and is met by green grass, trees, and beautiful bridges. It's easy to spend an entire day there doing nothing but walking around. So much to see and only a minute from some of Perth's best restaurants."

Stewart Park is behind Perth's Town Hall
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Latitude:  44.8991202
(N 44o 53' 56.83")
Longitude:  -76.2489190
(W 76o 14' 56.11")

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