Perth Museum
Experience 19th. century Perth at the Matheson House, home of the Perth Museum.

The museum features a full calendar of changing exhibitions in the main gallery while the third floor gallery tells the story of Perth's colourful past, featuring the pistols from the "Last Fatal Duel" in 1833; the story of the Mammoth Cheese that won first prize at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, a beautiful geology collection and more.

Outside there is a Victorian garden and a courtyard with a bake oven and herb garden. There is something of interest to everyone in this museum. The Perth Museum is open year round, 7 days a week.

Perth Museum Panoramas: We hope you enjoy the virtual panoramas of the museum, and then come to Perth and visit real historic archive. ( Each Panorama opens in a new browser window.)

(1) The Dining Room The dining room was used for the family and formal dining. Food from the Kitchen was passed through to this room on toles (tin platters). The food was then transfered to the good serving dishes. One of the unique methods for retaining warmth in the food was a china platter with a built-in food warmer. The french doors on the far wall lead to the garden.

(2) Library/Parlour This room represents the transition period in the home's history. This room was only used by the family. No visitors were allowed with the exceptions of the doctor and the minister. The door on the far wall behing the settee is original to the house. The small room where the office is today, was originally the sickroom (on the main floor for easy access by the doctor). The room was also used for those guests who could not ascend the stairs.

(3) 1840's Kitchen Restored in 1986-87, the Kitchen is part of the original c1830 house. The kitchen was the busiest and warmest room in the house. The fireplace blazed all day long as meals were prepared. The baking was done outside in two beehive ovens. Most of the artifacts are 1840 or prior, with the exception of the replicas (the Sampler and some pieces of china). Most of the artifacts are from Perth and the surrounding area. At the museum each artifact is provided with a detailed description.

(4) Drawing Room The Drawing Room has been restored to the 1840's and is one of the greatest treasures of the Perth Museum. All the architectural elements remain intact. The six windows are complete with casings and inside shutters. The fireplace surround has its original fireboard. The complete ensemble constitutes one of the finest drawing rooms in Eastern Ontario.

(5) Third Floor Gallery A collection of churns, mammoth cheese display, cheese press, treadle for churn, anasazi pottery, baby carriage, invention display, sewing machines, minerals, stauchion, model of blacksmith shop, quern, curling stone, iron coffee grinder, c1900 bicycle, pistols from the last fatal duel, etc. are just some of the many historical items waiting for you to visit.

Hall of Remembrance Military Museum
To visit the Hall of Remembrance at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 244 is to feel a growing sense of pride in the courage and dedication of earlier generations of Canadians - and particularly Perth residents - who fought and died in the wars of the 20th century.

The museum contains thousands of military artifacts donated by men and women who served Canada in the Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korean War and fought in Afghanistan. Also check out the museum library where you will find a large collection of military reading material as well as a resource centre.

Admission is Free.

(2nd.floor Access by stairs)

Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 3pm, May to November.

Group tours can be arranged upon request: 613-267-4400

Lanark and District Museum, is located at 80 George Street in Lanark, 10 minutes north of Perth.

Whether you are looking for fun & adventure or research and education, the Lanark County Museums Network offers a diverse commuinity of museums to discover. The museum offers rotating displays on area events, personalities and locations. Each location showcases changing exhibits and programs that promise excitement for all ages.

There is a large display of Canadiana books, Lanark Era newspapers from 1895 to present, family histories, photographs and genealogical records.

Open Thursday and Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 4pm, from Victoria Day weekend to September.

Admission $4.00 adults, $5.00 couples/families, $2.00 seniors - Children under 12 are Free.

Come and see it all for yourself, in beautiful Lanark County!

Railway Museum (Smiths Falls)
These oral histories give us insight into railway life by those who have been affected by the railway industry in Smiths Falls. Twelve interviews with railway workers and long-time residents are featured. Three albums are featured which highlight the men who worked on the railway, the building of the two railway stations and a tribute to the preservation of railway history in Smiths Falls. We encourage you to take a virtual tour through history with this exhibit documenting the Social History of the Railway in Smiths Falls.

Heritage House Museum (Smiths Falls)
A visit to Heritage House includes a tour of 8 period rooms furnished to depict the lifestyle of the times. The Museum's unique mirror-image facades, indoor brick bake oven and two-story privy preserve an atmosphere of the past in the once derelict house.

Rideau Canal Museum
The Rideau Canal Visitor Centre is the flagship interpretation centre for the historic Rideau Canal system - a National Historic Site of Canada, a designated Canadian Heritage River, and a UNESCO World Heritage destination. Inside, exhibits bring to life the history of the canal - its construction from 1826-1831, its role throughout history, as well as the distinct lifestyle associated with the Rideau Waterway.

Chaffeys Lockmaster's House Museum
The Chaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society was formed in 1980 to oversee the development of the Lockmaster's House Museum and to preserve the heritage of the village and surrounding area.

Carleton Place Victoria School Museum
The first project of the Carleton Place and District Horticultural Society when it formed in 1988 was the transformation of the hard-packed cinder playground into this lovely oasis on the North side of town. The garden is designed, planted and maintained by the Horticultural Society members who donate plants from their own gardens along with their time and gardening talents. Take a few moments to relax on the bench under the vine-covered trellis and view the original Carleton Place horse watering trough, now a delightful planter. Then wander through the 20th Anniversary Celebration arbour and hedge to visit the Community Gardens Project and the garden shed decorated by local youth.

Delta - Old Stone Mill
The Old Stone Mill in Delta Ontario is a National Historic Site showcasing milling technology and 1800s industrial heritage. The mill was built in 1810 and is one of the finest examples of early industrial architecture in the region.

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (Almonte)
The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (MVTM) is located in the annex of the former Rosamond Woolen Company in Almonte, Ontario. Constructed in 1867 this National Historic Site of Canada now features a blend of the old and new, all related to the history of the Mississippi Valley and the textile industry.

Manotick/Watson's Mill
Watson's Mill is a unique 1860's grist and flour mill located in Manotick, on the shores of the Rideau River. A working industrial heritage site in greater Ottawa, it has a remarkable history linked to local politics, the building of a country, and a tragic love story. The WMMI mandate is to preserve Watson's Mill as a working historic grist and flour mill, and a social, cultural and educational focal point for the community and visitors.

Middleville Museum located at 2130 Lanark Con. 6D.

Step into the past and explore pioneer history at our informative country museum located in the village of Middleville. Set in an 1861 two-story stone school, the pioneer spirit shines from every corner of this unique museum. Treasures from days past are waiting to be discovered.

Open Friday to Sunday, 11am to 3pm, Victoria Day to Thanksgiving.

Admission $5.00 - children 12 and under Free.

North Lanark Regional Museum (Appleton)
The large collection of artifacts ranges from true antiques to familiar collectables, mostly with local connections. Documents and records round off the collection, which is devoted to stimulating an interest in the history of North Lanark. The Museum also features Rotating Exhibits in the main room, and Archival and Research material, including a large photo collection and original copies of the Almonte Gazette, for those studying regional history and genealogy.

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