Whether single, couple, family, youth or adult, a memorable vacation awaits each and everyone. But hey, don't take our word for it, read the Testimonials written below and then

Come, Explore, Discover and Experience ALL that Beautiful Perth has to offer.

(1)  Wonderful website - so much information! My husband and I are having an exploratory holiday sometime next Spring for 2-3 weeks with a view to relocating to Canada from England as our paperwork is now well underway with the Canadian authorities. Our son lives in Sutton, Quebec and works in Montreal so has been forwarding information about possible locations in Ontario that we might consider.

We shall certainly visit Perth during that time and meet a few Real Estate agents.

Yours sincerely,
Wynne Monk

(2)  Hello to the folks at www.beautifulperth.com,

A friend of mine currently has an exchange student from Australia living with them. She was talking to the girl's mother on the phone the other day, and the woman knew far more about Perth than my friend. When she asked her how she knew so much about Perth, the woman raved about your website, saying it was the best site about Perth, and how helpful and informative it was. She really liked all the pictures from around Perth too! And she told my friend that she should check out this amazing website.

So, congratulations on your accolades from Australia!!!


(3)  To whom it may concern,

My name is Sandra and I must compliment you on your web site. Very well done, and the pictures are breath taking.

We have been searching for somewhere where we can live in peace and harmony. I had been searching on the net for quite some time, with more and more dispare till I fell upon your site by accident. I must say my heart sang, I knew that I had found our place, where I knew we would be happy.

Thank you,
Sandra M.
(4)  "Thank you for creating such a beautiful web site.  My 90 year old father and I (age 59) did the Walking Tour.  It made us so interested that we drove to Perth today from Woodbridge and had dinner there.  We also picked up some real estate information, and are going to tell lots of our American friends it is worth the drive.

"Please note that it is in the wee hours of the morning and we have been home less than an hour.  But, we are both feeling so ecstatic that we had to thank you pronto.

--- Gail B.
Woodbridge, Ontario

(5)  "Simply the best site about Perth Ontario. If you can't find what you are looking for here, you probably won't find it on the net. Good work to the folks at BeautifulPerth.com

Betty James

(6)  Greetings from Inverness in bonnie Scotland.

My family have just returned from a 1 week holiday in Canada and stayed with our friends for 2 days in Perth. I must agree that you have a grand wee town and we enjoyed our brief stay in Perth . I would like to return in the future and spend a bit more time there as I was most impressed with the scenery and friendliness of the people we met.

Kindest regards

The Hammond family.

(7)  Hi,

I would like to congratulate you on making one of the most friendly user websites that I have come across. It is also very beautifully done. I intend to visit Perth and your website has helped me to get information that I need in order to make my visit a happy one.


Grace C. Novak

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