Guided Tours of Historic Perth
2496 Bathurst
Perth, ON   K7H 3M4



Latitude:  44.8937959
(N 44o 53' 37.67")

Longitude:  -76.2522619
(W 76o 15' 8.14")
Murder, mayhem, scandal, outrage - step back into Perth's fascinating past on a guided tour of this historic, nineteenth-century town.

Duels, hangings, and everyday shenanigans highlight the tours, and if you're lucky, maybe a ghost or two will make an appearance.

Founded as a military settlement after the War of 1812, Perth is well-known for its elegant stone homes and fine Georgian architecture, which provide a striking backdrop for the stories you will hear.

Choose from several tours, including an architectural and historic walking tour and a ghost walk, or hire a guide to lead your bus group on a more extensive tour of the town. There is also a tour designed specially for school groups.
All tours must be pre-booked.

Call or e-mail for information on availability and current rates.

Your Guide: Susan Code McDougall, author of "A Matter of Honour and Other Tales of Early Perth", Twelve delightful stories drawn from the unique history of Perth, Ontario, a settlement that attracted an incomparable wealth of characters, rich and poor, corrupt and virtuous, mildly eccentric and raving mad. (1996 The General Store Publishing House, Renfrew, Ontario)   613-267-2595

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