Perth Wildlife Reserve Trail

Take a walk on the wild side and spot the residents and visitors at the Perth Wildlife Reserve. Deer, ducks, Canada geese, rabbits, bluebirds and wild turkeys are some of the wildlife that are found in this 257 hectare reserve; there are 96 hectares of Reserve and 161 hectares of Tay Marsh, 3.5 kilometre of trails for hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, a self-guiding nature trail, observation towers over fields, man-made ponds and the Tay Marsh. Seasonal, weekend programs are conucted. It is open daily year round.

The reserve has an active wildlife managment program. The RVCA has increased wildlife habitat through: reforestation, hedgerow enhancement, nesting sites, and annual plantings of alfalfa & clover.

Address: County Rd #1 Perth,   Phone: 613-692-3571

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Explore the trails weaving in and around Perth for a good hike. The Tay River Trail is a historic pathway and portage site that dates back to the military settlement of Perth-upon-Tay in 1816. Using the Tay Basin as the hub or home port of the trail, you can either travel upstream toward the river's source at Bobs Lake or downstream to the Tay delta where the river spills into the Lower Rideau Lake. The Rideau Trail runs through downtown Perth, and makes for a great walk along the Tow Path. Also discover the many trails at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

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Foley Mountain Conservation Area

Foley Mountain sits on the edge of the Frontenac Arch, and the lush farmland spreading away to the south appears to be part of another world.

29 kms from Perth Town Hall, southwest. this huge rock outcrop rises 80 meters above the town of Westport. The view from the Spy Rock observation platform is unquestionably panoramic and second-to-none in Ontario. Nature trails, beaver pond, wildlife and plants galore. Picnic tables, parking and restrooms. Admission Fee.

Murphy's Point Provincial Park;

Murphys Point Provincial Park is over 3,061 acres and sits on the historic Rideau Waterway. Activities here include camping, hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking.

Murphy's Point is a great place to hike four season a year. The trails are well marked. There are trails of varying length.

"We come to Murphy's Point every summer. It's our place of choice, not too far from Ottawa (home). The campsites are very nice, the park staff very friendly, the bathrooms clean, the scenery fantastic and the boating on Big Rideau is great! The boat launch has more than one dock where you can tie up your boat for the night. We booked our site since January for 3 weeks in June/July 2014. We'll also return later in September when the fall colors are beautiful and the park is nice and quiet."

"We absolutely love Murphy's point! The hiking trails are beautiful, 3 beaches to go, my girls love the one you have to hike too..gorgeous! Very friendly park staff !"

"The hiking trails are neat we came across some deer and other animals. Definitely bring some bug spray. The Walk In beach is OK to cool down but is poorly maintained, if your going with kids be careful of the mussel shells and large rock. The park store has most basic supplies."

Hiking Trails are groomed in the winter for croos-country skiing.

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Hiking Tips: the #1 Backpacking Tip ... Be Prepared!
  • Inspect your emergency and first aid kits before each hike.
  • Especially be able to start a fire.
  • Hike in a group. Always have at least one other person with you.
  • Drink often to stay hydrated. Carry enough water for the day and your pack will get lighter as the day wears on.
  • Make sure your footwear is suitable for the walk. Closed toe, supportive footwear with a good tread is recommended.
  • Do not wear cotton clothing; instead wear clothing made of various synthetic materials.
  • Pack some essentials; water, sunscreen, hat, bug spray, snacks and a trail guide map.
  • Keep a small amount of surplus food ready, just in case.
  • Know your own abilities and chose the right trail.
  • Rest often for 5-7 minutes, and you'll reduce lactic acid buildup (sore muscles) drastically.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are going. Call them when you get off the trail.

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